Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I just love great ready made titles - and Connie Prince and her insanely creative team of helpers are giving away this wonderful assortment for free right now.  Go grab them and leave a note of thanks when you do!
I have been away from online life with family illness for the last three weeks, alas many of you may have thought I have abandoned my dear little blog, but this is not true!  Just had to deal with real life for a while and now I am back and ready to get my scrap on.  Yeehaw!   First things first though - I must apply to Project B's call (post below explains it all) I got a very encouraging reply so I am going to take a punt and throw my bonnet into the ring.  Cross everything for me, little chickens!   I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving, I am so sad that Australia doesn't celebrate this - of all the cheesy and contrived Hallmark days that dictate we MUST buy buy buy, I actually adore the concept of Thanksgiving the most.  As I live in a country that almosts openly admits to be obsessed with emulating America and all of it's customs and cultures, it's a shame that we focus on convincing our parents that yes, halloween is actually going to work this year because more and more people want to be "just like them"  and don't feel that a special day dedicated to humble grattitude is an excellent idea. Of course, I don't let that stop me from being gracious and appreciative of all things around me, I just do it every day in some small way to replenish the earth with what I feel I extract, so the balance is kept and I try to teach those I love that this is the true spirit of Thanksgiving - not just one day per year but a lifestyle choice of putting back with love what you take out of this wonderful gift of life.

Fondness and Love,
Miss Renee
http://ella-hippyhoppy.blogspot.com/2010/11/yummy-alpha-freebie.html  - Three gorgeous alphas courtest of Miss Hippy Hoppy - all scrumptiously themed for the sweet tooth!

There is a wealth of freebies at this freebie finder site, which should be added to your freebie hunter list immediately!   Make sure you let her know I sent you!


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